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Havelock Academy

Our goal is to provide excellent opportunities in an open, positive and purposeful climate for all to achieve excellence, become lifelong learners and responsible, successful, well rounded citizens.


Uniform Direct is the sole supplier of the Academy’s uniform.

Purchases may be made from their premises in Grimsby or online at 

Wearing of the uniform with pride and having a smart appearance are two important aspects of Academy life.  The students' capacity for self-expression as distinctive individuals meets the Academy's wish to educate its members in the values of smartness and good appearance. Extremes of fashion, in terms of clothing, decency, make-up, jewellery and perfume are inappropriate. Thus, good hygiene and clean clothes, provide a starting point for appearance which should be understated, modest and uncontroversial.

Our students wear their uniform proudly, with shirts tucked in and looking smart.  We work hard to eradicate fashionable uniform trends, such as having large gaps between trousers and short trainer socks, dyed hair, piercings.  These, we realise, seem minor to many, but it is worth reminding ourselves that the purpose of uniform is to remove hierarchy, difference and status as much as we can for our students.  We do not want students to attempt to raise their status over others with minor amendments to uniform (blazer sleeves rolled up, tight trousers, several piercings) as this allows an appearance-centred culture to develop.  The entire reason for having a uniform in a school is to remove that culture.  In a great school, students do not focus on what another person looks like, they are much more focused on their personality and character.  This is especially important in the world we currently live in where social media constantly reinforces messages to children that their status is heavily tied up in how they look.

We believe that tackling this culture in school will support students with their mental health, and this is why such minor infringements of rules are so important to us – it isn’t because we think that having tight trousers, or brightly coloured hair, or several piercings affects the way a student learns, but it is because we understand that it is an attempt to be different, to raise themselves in status (often with unintended consequences) and reinforces a culture where students feel that they have to look a certain way. 

With this in mind, we would like to request that parents support us in reinforcing the rule that trousers should meet socks, and the socks should be black ankle socks, not shorter trainer socks please.  It is fashionable to have short trousers and a big gap between trouser and sock, and the bigger the gap, the more the student is attempting to establish themselves as different to others.  The uniformity of uniform is very important, as it levels the playing field for everyone.  No-one looks cooler, richer, trendier or more rebellious than anyone else, then the attention can be focused on what lovely people we are.

Havelock Academy Uniform - Years 7 to 11

The Havelock Academy uniform is:

  • Black, polishable shoes* (click here for further information on acceptable shoes)
  • These must not be boots, boot style or trainer style and must be polishable.
  • Black tailored straight leg or bootcut trousers* (click here for further information on acceptable trousers)
    • The trousers must not be a tight fitted style / drainpipe style.
    • The trousers must not be tight Lycra material trousers.
    • The trousers must not be 'Jean' style
    • The trousers must not have 'gold zips'/fancy belts.
    • *These items may be purchased from any good retail store.
  • White formal school shirt or blouse
  • Socks – plain black only– no patterns or stripes
  • Academy blazer - blazers are compulsory and must be worn at all times
  • Academy tie
  • Academy PE/Sports kit (t-shirt or rugby top, shorts and socks)
  • Academy bag
  • Academy coat

Uniform and Equipment - September 2020 update: We will have very limited access to changing facilities for PE lessons, and where possible these lessons will take place outside whenever the weather allows.  For the time being, on a day when a student has PE, they must come to school in their PE kit and wear it for the full day, with their blazer if they wish over the top for warmth.  As guidance is changing regularly, we will update you on this as soon as there is a change and we can return to using changing facilities in school. 

Students must bring their own equipment, including pen, pencil, ruler, protractor (but no compass), calculator and pencil crayons. For safety reasons, we are unable to lend students pens or any other equipment to avoid contamination. We recommend that equipment is cleaned each evening. Equipment can be purchased from Student Services at break and lunchtime, as well as after school.  

Students will also require a scientific calculator as part of their everyday equipment from September 2020. Further detail about specification and availability to purchase from the academy at a reduced cost is available here

Calculators and academy bags can be purchased from the main reception during our staff training days on 1st and 2nd September between 9am and 3pm.  If you visit the academy during these two days to purchase equipment, please follow social distancing expectations at all times and we recommend the wearing of a face covering.  Outside of these two days, please avoid visiting reception without an appointment, with our preferred way of communication being email or telephone during this time. 

Hair (incl. hairstyles and beards)

Inappropriate hairstyles will not be accepted in the Academy.

Only natural hair colours are allowed.

Hairstyles must be no shorter than a grade two. Hairstyles must be blended. There must be no ‘extreme’ hairstyles such as swirls or bright colours, stripes or patterns cut into the hair, no hair extensions or coloured braids.  Head bands must be plain and subtle.

Long hair must be tied up for PE/practical Science and/or subjects.

Beards and moustaches are not acceptable in Years 7 to 11 and must be clean shaven. In Years 12 and 13, beards must be trimmed, neat and tidy.


The only items of jewellery which are permitted are a wristwatch (Smartwatches are not permitted) and a single, plain pair of studs that are worn in the lower lobe only.

No additional body/facial or tongue piercings are permitted.

Make-up and nail varnish

Make-up, nail varnish and nail extensions are not permitted.

Nails must not be fake or polished.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones/Tablet Devices/Smartwatches

Mobile phones, tablet devices and smartwatches are not permitted in the academy.


Tattoos are not permitted.


The sponsor and the Academy are committed to ensuring that the required uniform as a whole retails at around £100 per student.

Parents are, however, responsible for ensuring their children have and wear the correct uniform.

Uniform Documents

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