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Havelock Academy

Our goal is to provide excellent opportunities in an open, positive and purposeful climate for all to achieve excellence, become lifelong learners and responsible, successful, well rounded citizens.

Sixth Form Expectations

Sixth Form is a really important part of any young person's life and at Havelock we have high expectations of everyone.

The benefits of creating a positive learning environment, a culture of inquiry and thought and a climate of passion and excitement are obvious: in addition to academic success, students will be more prepared for leaving the Sixth Form, whether it is to Higher Education or the world of work.

We use the following procedures:

  • Bromcom registers completed by teachers and checked by tutors provides a regular monitor of attendance, punctuality and performance in lessons.
  • The Performance Review using PLPs system, linked directly to Assessment Points (APs), monitors progress throughout the year and promotes reflection and responsibility.
  • Achievement, both academic and non-academic is recognised
  • Attendance is monitored by tutors and it is vital that good attendance is maintained.
  • Student voice will be heard through the Student Leadership Team.
  • Community engagement is a requirement of the Enrichment Programme and is recognised through the rewards policy.

 This is all about ensuring that:

  • Students succeed academically
  • Students engage in personal ‘holistic’ education through the enrichment subjects and activities.
  • Students are supported to overcome barriers to learning in a nurturing environment.
  • Parents/carers are involved in the students’ education wherever possible and actively support the Academy ethos.

Our ethos is one of ensuring success for all students. Every attempt will be made to ensure students can successfully complete the two-year 6th Form in a rewarding and fulfilling manner.

In order that these things can happen to good effect, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure:

  • Teaching is high quality to allow students to learn and make good progress.
  • Rigorous monitoring procedures are in place to evaluate teaching and learning in the 6th Form.
  • Work is appropriately differentiated to ensure students can access work at the appropriate level.
  • Students should engage in classroom activities – written tasks/discussions/assessments in an age-appropriate way
  • A culture of high expectations and high aspirations’ is embedded across all 6th form lessons and activities which is reinforced by all staff.
  • Homework assignments are set regularly, assessed and fed-back within an appropriate timescale.
  • Any assessed work is available for scrutiny by faculty members/SLT.

Dress Code

Havelock Academy Sixth Form is dedicated to preparing students for Higher Education and the world of work, so smart appearance is paramount for all students.

Students in the Sixth Form are, by their nature, role-models and leaders within their houses. All Sixth Form students are expected to set a positive example in their conduct, attendance, approaches to learning and appearance.

Some students may have some flexibility in their dress depending on their courses studied (eg Sport or Dance may require specialist clothing). We reserve the right to ask students to dress differently if their appearance is deemed inappropriate. 

Male Sixth Form students:

  • Business Suit (jacket and trousers)
  • Own tie (full Academy colours tie for formal occasions)
  • Plain shirt of any colour
  • Polishable shoes or ankle boots (not trainer type or DM boot style)
  • Sports or Performing Arts kit
  • ID lanyard that must be worn inside the Academy
  • Beards must be trimmed and tidy

Female Sixth Form students:

  • Business Suit (jacket, trousers, skirt suit, dress suit - skirts and dresses must be no shorter than the knee)
  • Plain blouse
  • Own scarf (full Academy colours scarf for formal occasions)
  • Plain black or nude tights
  • Shoes or ankle boots (sensible heel max. 3 inch, not trainer type or DM boot style)
  • Sport or Performing Arts kit
  • ID lanyard that must be worn inside the Academy

Sixth Form students may wear discreet make-up and jewellery. Hair must be a natural colour.

Not permitted for any student:

  • Excessive jewellery
  • Body, facial or tongue piercings
  • Patterned or ‘fashion’ tights
  • Pumps, baseball boots, trainers or walking boots (such as DM or UGG boots)
  • Denim, ‘hoodies’ or jackets with large logos
  • Visible tattoos
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