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Havelock Academy

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FAO Year 11/13 Parents, Carers and Students

Dear Parents/Carers

Further to our letter earlier this week, as you know, this year we will be submitting a grade for each of your child’s qualification subjects. The grade will be based on a range of evidence which demonstrates the standard your child has achieved throughout the course. This evidence is likely to include work produced in response to assessments provided by the exam boards as well as those set by the academy, coursework, and records of performance in performance-based subjects such as music and sport.

Since students are not taking exams this year, the usual special consideration arrangements will not apply. However, the academy will take into account any exceptional personal circumstances which have had a demonstrable adverse effect on your child’s academic performance during the course, such as at the time of an assessment or in the production of coursework or non- examination assessment. An exceptional circumstance is an event beyond the student’s control such as:

  • Temporary illness, accident or injury at the time of an assessment
  • Bereavement occurring within 6 months of an assessment
  • Domestic crisis, not including the consequences of committing a crime

Special consideration must be applied for as soon as possible and in time for the academy to account for these circumstances in coming to our final judgements before submission of grades in early June.

If you believe that your child’s personal circumstances this year warrant special consideration, you should inform the principal in writing by Friday 28 May. Your application can only be considered if it is accompanied by independent documentary evidence. For example, if you believe your child’s mental health has had an adverse effect on their performance, you should provide evidence of the diagnosis confirmed by a medical professional such as your GP or NHS consultant.

Your sincerely,

Emma Marshall