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Havelock Academy

Our goal is to provide excellent opportunities in an open, positive and purposeful climate for all to achieve excellence, become lifelong learners and responsible, successful, well rounded citizens.



Havelock Isolation provision is used as an alternative to Fixed Term Suspension. Students, who do not follow the Havelock Way, are removed from mainstream education for a short time to be educated for 6 hours a day in the inclusion provision.

Whilst in the inclusion provision they will:

  • Continue the curriculum work which will be provided by their class teacher. Support is given by the pastoral team to ensure they do not fall behind. They will also revisit previous learning and complete knowledge retrieval tasks using their knowledge organiser.
  • The Isolation staff and the pastoral team will work with the student to see what support is needed to ensure they are successful when they return to mainstream lessons. This could be informal, or a more formal plan may be put in place to ensure further support is given.  
  • Work is also carried out to establish what the student did wrong and the student is educated in how to avoid the situation occurring again. Support could be in the form of restorative work to enable students to reflect on the behaviour that led to them spending time in our Isolation provision, or could be a personalised support plan to ensure their success once they are reintegrated back into mainstream lessons. 

The highly experienced staff within the provision will ensure the work is completed to a high standard and that the normal ‘high expectations’ are maintained whilst the student is in the provision to ensure minimum disruption to their education.

The Hive

The Hive is an alternative provision centre based at Havelock Academy in a building which is separate from the main academy.

The primary aim of the Hive is to provide support and education for students who have disengaged from mainstream education due to a number of factors, including social, mental health or behavioral issues.

The Hive provides a well-rounded curriculum, providing students with opportunities to gain qualifications and life experiences. There is a wealth of opportunities for students’ personal growth and development in a safe and secure environment, managed by qualified and expert staff. The students who access the centre can successfully gain qualifications during their time in the Hive. 

Staff who care for the students within the Hive are passionate in ensuring that all young people can succeed in education despite their individual additional needs and backgrounds.


The Cube is an intense nurture provision for students who have been identified as not reaching their full potential due to external environmental factors and/or identified as having experienced a number of adverse childhood experiences. The provision aims to provide a successful start to the school day and/or reintegration after a period of absence. This small group (less than 10) work closely with a key pastoral member of staff in a mentoring capacity.

ASPIRE (Advice, Support and Positive Interventions to Reduce Exclusions)

We use ASPIRE when, as a school,  we have decided that a managed move to a new school or alternative provision is the best way to support your child. Parents are involved in this process and consent from parent/carer and student are required before we move forward. This meeting allows secondary schools and academies to work together to support children at risk of or have been permanently excluded. 

The ASPIRE meeting is held weekly with representatives from the local authority’s inclusion team, schools, early help and social care managers, specialist teachers and other agencies who work with children and young people.

Additional Challenge

At Havelock we take pride in our ability to cater for the needs of all our students.

Some of our students may have particular talents in the creative and performing arts while others excel in sporting activities. Other students are identified as having outstanding academic potential and some may show exceptional leadership, organisational or decision-making skills.

These students have the ability to develop various skills significantly ahead of their peers. We aim to identify these students quickly and to ensure their needs are met beyond the usual differentiation provided by their teachers.

SEN and Learning Support

A small number of children experience difficulties in coping with education.

These difficulties can present themselves in aspects of the child's progress, attendance, behaviour and their emotional well-being. For more information regarding SEND at our academy please click here.