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Havelock Academy

Our goal is to provide excellent opportunities in an open, positive and purposeful climate for all to achieve excellence, become lifelong learners and responsible, successful, well rounded citizens.



Havelock integration provision is used to nurture students who cannot successfully access mainstream education for reasons that are often out of their control.  These reasons are often due to SEN, social, emotional and mental health needs.

Students who are referred to integration can be referred for full time (for approximately 6 weeks) or part time with a gradual (supported) integration package back into mainstream education.

Some of our more vulnerable students register in the integration provision for AM and PM tutorial as they feel comfortable in the smaller nurture setting.

The provision is staffed by an experienced Behaviour Support Worker and has a bespoke timetable.  Teaching staff are assigned sessions in the provision on timetable to teach the students and set work that the students would otherwise complete in class.

When the students are reintegrated back into lessons, they are up-to-date with the work completed in lessons.


Havelock Isolation provision is used as an alternative to Fixed Term Exclusion.  Students who commit an offense which requires them to be removed from mainstream education for a short time will be educated for 6 hours a day in the inclusion provision.

Whilst in the inclusion provision, they will complete their normal lesson work which will be provided by their class teacher.  The highly experienced staff within the provision will ensure the work is completed to a high standard and that the normal ‘high expectations’ are maintained whilst the student is in the provision.

Work is also carried out to establish what the student did wrong and the student is educated in how to avoid the situation occurring again.  There is a reintegration meeting with parents / carers before the student returns back to mainstream education for a fresh start


It may be necessary to move students via a managed move process for a fresh start in a different educational setting due to a breakdown in relationships in the academy.   Given this situation students would be referred to referral.  The Referral provision would be for a very small number of students and the provision is staffed with an experienced behaviour manager.

The provision prepares the young people for their transition to a new provision by developing social skills whilst continuing to educate in the basics of Maths, English and Science.

The provision also keeps the young people visible and safe in a formal education setting whilst the North East Lincolnshire Behaviour and Attendance Collaborative (BAC) process runs the process.

Additional Challenge

At Havelock we take pride in our ability to cater for the needs of all our students.

Some of our students may have particular talents in the creative and performing arts while others excel in sporting activities. Other students are identified as having outstanding academic potential and some may show exceptional leadership, organisational or decision-making skills.

These students have the ability to develop various skills significantly ahead of their peers. We aim to identify these students quickly and to ensure their needs are met beyond the usual differentiation provided by their teachers.

SEN and Learning Support

A small number of children experience difficulties in coping with education.

These difficulties can present themselves in aspects of the child's progress, attendance, behaviour and their emotional well-being.

Learning Mentors contribute specifically to the development of students from within each Faculty and a core team of experienced Teaching Assistants support students with a range of special educational needs.

Staff ensure that students experience a smooth transition from primary education and a wide range of strategies can be used to support this including the use of a Nurture Room, ‘Civet’ and the Alternative Provision based within the Jaguar House Base.

For more information regarding SEND at our academy please click here.