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Havelock Academy

Our goal is to provide excellent opportunities in an open, positive and purposeful climate for all to achieve excellence, become lifelong learners and responsible, successful, well rounded citizens.


At the heart of the Academy's pastoral care of its students are the eight Houses.

The Houses are named after eight trawlers of the Ross fleet, many with Royal Navy associations.

The eight names were selected by students on the Academy Student Council.

Each House has its own House Champion and a team of tutors.


look at the green arrows flying to success!

House Champion: Mr J Phillips

In Archer, we are always looking to the future and have high aspirations within all areas of academy life. We have determination, resilience and aim in a positive direction. We try our hardest and strive to be our best and that enables us to reach our goals! 


Swifter, Higher, Stronger

House Champion: Mrs P Browning

An Eagle symbolises courage and strength, in Eagle house we 'aim for the sky' to reach our potential through modelling positive behaviour, hard work and high morals. Our students always volunteer to take part in the fantastic opportunities that are offered at Havelock Academy - students in Eagle house fly high and soar!


Fortune Favours The Brave

House Champion: Mr H Brady and Miss L Webster

We are responsible for ensuring that students in Fortune house are recognised for their efforts and achievements. We passionately lead the house in competitions, Miss Webster is currently leading our annual 'House Shout' singing competition and our students always look forward to Sports Day.

We have been delighted so far with the efforts from students in Fortune house towards our competitions and have a history of success, concerning sports events and attendance awards. 


We Wear the Crown

House Champion: Miss K Barker

In Illustrious we strive to achieve our best, be kind and understanding to others. I am very proud to be the House Champion for Illustrious, In the last two year we have won the school house points challenge and are aiming high to do the same this year. The students in our house take part in lots of extracurricular activities and put themselves forward to take part in school events or represent the School in a number of ways. This is why “We Wear The Crown”   


Dream, Believe, Achieve

House Champion: Mrs M Hargreaves

We strive to be the best that we can be as a House. The students try their hardest in all the House competitions and work well together to excel at all the times. I feel as a House the students truly believe that they can achieve.


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

House Champion: Mr R Winn

In Ramillies house our colour is red. Which reflects our house qualities of energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love


Pride and Dignity

House Champion: Mr M Lamming

In our house, we take pride in our attitude and roaring approach to house competition, which also filters down to our positive attitude towards academy life. We approach all situations with a optimistic mindset and set out to achieve our maximum potential, no matter what.


We lead, we help, with pride. Who are we? We are Vanguard.

House Champion: Mr E Houghton

Vanguard is a house packed with dedicated, enthusiastic and talented pupils, who exemplify our house motto- 'We lead, we help, with pride'. As such, we take part in all House competitions with pride, and endeavour to do our very best at all times.