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Enrichment & Partnerships

The Academy is most grateful for the support it receives from its sponsors.




Jelf support the school. Jelf are insurance brokers, using knowledge and experience to provide professional insurance broking and risk management advice with a genuinely personal service to both private and commercial clients.



This regional health agency has committed itself to providing a health education worker to the Academy for two years along with a significant level of resourcing. This will help the Academy to tackle teenage pregnancy and other health and social issues. The organisation is also working with the Academy to place 12 young people in work programmes this year.


Havelock Academy was awarded a substantial grant of £22,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to embark upon an exciting project to discover and preserve the history of the school and its connection with the East Marsh area. The project, entitled "Every Picture Tells a Story", was a co-curricular activity for students to instil in them the importance of their heritage and a sense of belonging to a wider community which embraces the Academy and the East Marsh area of Grimsby and Cleethorpes.


Humber Education Business Partnership has worked with Havelock Academy for a number of years and helps to forge links between the school and business.  Through team work students benefit from working and speaking to people in a number of career areas; they are able to find out, for example, what qualifications are needed, what the conditions are like, how much they are paid and how hard the work is.  Students are always open-minded to events run through Humber EBP as they know they will be different and informative.



Havelock's association with Pipers Crisps began three years ago when a partnership was established to grow the potatoes that made the crisps.  This then extended to the development of a 16 acre plot at Laceby, supported also by Masstock, which introduced students to the wider agricultural science of crop rotation.  This has been further extended to involve students in the complete manufacturing, marketing and retail process.