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Havelock Academy Sixth Form offers a range of academic and vocational courses.


Preparing for the next stage in your education is key.

Having access to the right information from a reliable source is imperative.

Being inspired about your future is paramount.

Our subjects have been grouped into five blocks which aim to offer you subjects which compliment each other and work well as a combination.

You need to choose three subjects but you can only choose one subject from each block.

An optional fourth subject may be possible and these will be discussed on an individual basis.

Details of the curriculum content at Key Stage 5 can be found on the Curriculum pages.

The courses offered at Key Stage 5 in 2018/19 include:

A Level Art

BTEC Level 3 IT

BTEC Level 3 Business*

LIBF Certificate/Diploma in Financial Studies*

A Level Film

A Level Maths

A Level French

A Level Psychology

BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care

A Level History

BTEC Level 3 Sport

A Level Chemistry

A Level English

WJEC Criminology

BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts

A Level Business

A Level Biology

A Level Geography