Attendance & Progress

It is an expectation of the Academy that students arrive here punctually every day and properly equipped to carry out their studies each day.

Attendance forms an integral part of our pastoral structure at the Academy.

There is a strong link between attendance and academic achievements. If a student does not attend they cannot get the best from their time at the Academy.

We have a number of strategies in place to support students to maintain their highest attendance percentage possible. We are aiming for 100% attendance for all students this year and, as ever, the Houses are in competition with one another to achieve the highest attendance.

It is worth noting that:

1 in 5 pupils miss 17 days a year nationally. This will cause their GCSE grades to drop by one grade.

1 - 4 GCSE grades can increase wages by 17%. In the long term, this will make a huge impact to a student's life.

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