Parent Information

At Havelock Academy we believe that parents, in choosing the school for their children, are committing themselves to a partnership where they can expect certain things of the academy and the academy, in a spirit of mutuality, can expect certain things of them.



Parents can expect the Academy to:

  • put young people first
  • manage young people's learning openly, clearly and creatively
  • express in its distinctive way the values of the "Every Child Matters" initiative
  • respond promptly to expressions of concern or complaints.

The Academy can expect parents to:

  • support their child's need to learn by creating the right environment at home for enquiry and discovery
  • enable their children to achieve full attendance
  • encourage their children to promote Academy values, such as care for each other and wearing the uniform correctly.

Staff within Havelock Academy are committed to their ‘duty of care’ for all students, and take all reasonable steps to ensure that children in their care are not exposed to risks. 

Therefore students who need to leave the Academy premises for medical purposes must be signed out, and picked up by parent/carer or other nominated responsible adult recorded on the Academy’s student details form.

In the unlikely event that a student cannot be picked up, written permission must be sent in via the student planner prior to the appointment. Verbal permission will then be obtained by telephone on the day of the appointment or via an Education Welfare visit.  If verbal contact cannot be made the student will not be allowed to leave the Academy.

Parents can contact the Academy with any queries through our new Pupil Services desk. The Pupil Services desk can be contacted via email at 

Details of how the Academy provides for each student's health, safety and wellbeing can be found here.

Details of the school's latest KS4 results, links to the school's Ofsted reports and performance data presented on the Department's School Performance Tables are publically available and can be viewed here.