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From May 2017, Uniform Direct will be the sole supplier of the Academy’s uniform.

Purchases may be made from their premises in Grimsby or online at


Wearing of the uniform with pride and having a smart appearance are two important aspects of Academy life.  The students' capacity for self-expression as distinctive individuals meets the Academy's wish to educate its members in the values of smartness and good appearance. Extremes of fashion, in terms of clothing, decency, make-up, jewellery and perfume are inappropriate. Thus, good hygiene and clean clothes, provide a starting point for appearance which should be understated, modest and uncontroversial.



Havelock Academy Uniform - Years 7 to 11

The Havelock Academy uniform is:


Red items indicate September 2017 DRET uniform policy updates. 

• Black, polishable shoes* (click here for further information on acceptable shoes)

These must not be boots, boot style or trainer style and must be polishable.


Black tailored straight leg or bootcut trousers*

(click here for further information on acceptable trousers)

The trousers must not be a tight fitted style / drainpipe style.

The trousers must not be tight Lycra material trousers.

The trousers must not be 'Jean' style.

The trousers must not have 'gold zips'/fancy belts.


*These items may be purchased from any good retail store.

• White formal school shirt or blouse


• Socks – plain black only– no patterns or stripes


• Academy blazer - blazers are compulsory and must be worn at all times


• Academy pullover


• Academy tie, cravat or scarf


• Academy PE/Sports kit (t-shirt or rugby top, shorts and socks)


• Academy tracksuit


• Academy bag


• Academy coat


Hair (incl. hair styles and beards)

Inappropriate hair styles will not be accepted in the Academy. Only natural hair colours are allowed.

Hairstyles must be no shorter than a grade two. Hairstyles must be blended. There must be no ‘extreme’ hair styles such as swirls or bright colours, stripes or patterns cut into the hair, no hair extensions or coloured braids.  Head bands must be plain and subtle.


Long hair must be tied up for PE/practical Science and/or subjects.


Beards and moustaches are not acceptable in Years 7 to 11 and must be clean shaven. In Years 12 and 13, beards must be trimmed, neat and tidy.




The only items of jewellery which are permitted are a wrist watch (Smartwatches are not permitted) and a single, plain pair of studs that are worn in the lower lobe only.  No additional body/facial or tongue piercings are permitted.

Make-up and nail varnish

Make-up, nail varnish and nail extensions are not permitted. Nails must not be fake or polished.


Mobile Phones/Tablet Devices/Smartwatches

Mobile phones, tablet devices and smartwatches are not permitted in the academy. 



Tattoos are not permitted.


The sponsor and the Academy are committed to ensuring that the required uniform as a whole retails at around £100 per student. Parents are, however, responsible for ensuring their children have and wear the correct uniform.


For further information regarding uniform purchasing, please contact Mrs J Burgess at