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Special Education and Learning Support



The Special Education Needs Coordinator, Mrs M Hargreaves ( at Havelock takes responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Learning Support. Provision for Gifted and Talented students is also encompassed in the Code of Practice and Havelock views these students as requiring additional challenge.


We aim to contribute fully to making Havelock a truly inclusive learning community. We are committed to the 'Every Child Matters' agenda, the revised SEN Code of Practice and ensuring that discrimination in any form is avoided. We aim to help our students to develop the social and academic skills each will require to successfully complete secondary education and move onto the next part of his or her life. Our intervention is based on individual need and fully embraces the Academy's philosophy. We promise to make every effort to enable students to achieve their goals.

Additional Challenge


At Havelock we take pride in our ability to cater for the needs of all our students. Some of our students may have particular talents in the creative and performing arts while others excel in sporting activities. Other students are identified as having outstanding academic potential and some may show exceptional leadership, organizational or decision-making skills.

For further information on Special Educational Needs and our Local Offer available to download in the documents panel on this page.



These students have the ability to develop various skills significantly ahead of their peers. We aim to identify these students quickly and to ensure their needs are met beyond the usual differentiation provided by their teachers.

SEN and Learning Support


A small number of children experience difficulties in coping with education. These difficulties can present themselves in aspects of the child's progress, attendance, behaviour and their emotional well-being.


Learning Mentors contribute specifically to the development of students from within each Faculty and a core team of experienced Teaching Assistants support students with a range of special educational needs.


Staff ensure that students experience a smooth transition from primary education and a wide range of strategies can be used to support this including the use of a Nurture Room, ‘S-Cape’ and the Alternative Provision based within the Jaguar House Base.