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Life With Us

The Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of all its students. Our top ten expectations are our key ethos and values. 


The ten principles below have been agreed by consultation with all members of the Academy and should be adhered to at all times:-

1.      Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

         Say please and thank you to people, always try to be kind in the things you say.  Ask yourself how a similar situation would make you feel.

2.      Always listen when the teacher is talking or when others are making a contribution to learning.

         When you want to contribute to a discussion in a lesson, put your hand up first.

3.      Always allow others to get on with their learning.

         Avoid becoming involved in silly behaviour in lessons.  Value the learning experience.

4.      Always use good manners and treat others with respect.

         Smile and be nice to others, hold open a door, make eye contact, say good morning…

5.      Always attend the Academy regularly and on time.

         Good attendance and punctuality are essential in life.  You can only learn when you are present.

6.      Always look after and respect the environment.

         Always use the litter bins, if you see litter on the floor, pick it up and place it in a bin.

7.      Always complete both classwork and homework to the best of your ability.

         Take pride in your work, enjoy the feeling of doing something well.

8.      Always speak to others in a polite and respectful way.

         Talk to people with respect and in a pleasant manner.

9.      Always arrive at classes with the correct equipment and in full uniform.

         Always bring the correct equipment so you are prepared for the lesson and the time is used well.  Don’t waste valuable time during lesson asking to borrow equipment.

10.    Always respect other people’s values and strive to maintain positive relationships.

         Everyone has a right to an opinion; respect other people’s views and beliefs.