Havelock Academy
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Havelock Academy was the first academy to be part of the David Ross Education Trust.

The David Ross Education Trust works with primary, secondary and grammar schools across the East Midlands, North East and East of England, and is part of the David Ross Foundation

The academies are modeled closely on the sponsor’s own educational experiences in the independent sector, and in particular the educational ethos of Edward Thring who believed that “every child can do something well”. By offering each child the best opportunities, they can find what they are good at which in turn inspires them to work hard and achieve.

The Trust’s mission is to build a network of academies, each recognised as being Outstanding, by supporting and broadening the horizons of staff, governors and, most importantly, students to enable them to be the best they can be.

The aims of the David Ross Education Trust are to:

  • Ensure all students reach their academic and personal potential;
  • Develop all academies to outstanding within five years;
  • Grow the network as a place where teachers and leaders want to work and students want to learn;
  • Ensure the academies are academies of parental choice; and
  • Regenerate communities through education, working to improve opportunities and raise aspirations for all.

The David Ross Education Trust philosophy is that every school is different. The common features of all our academies are based on the traditional strengths of the independent system.

Those features include:

  • A commitment to each child;
  • Academic excellence;
  • A House structure to foster a culture of mutual respect and teamwork;
  • An extensive co-curricular offering to broaden opportunity and experience for all students within their academy;
  • An early and relentless focus on literacy;
  • A uniform code to nurture a sense of identity and responsibility with a high expectation around personal appearance;
  • A Governing Body and a Principal who exercise their local autonomy within this framework; and
  • A commitment to excellence and a culture of no excuses.

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