Havelock delighted at “fantastic achievement”

Students at Havelock Academy are celebrating after achieving another impressive set of GCSE results.

Nigel Whittle, Principal, said: “In education, one of the key words is sustainability. It is not about simply raising the bar, but also determining how to keep it there. 

"We have ensured that there are high expectations at Havelock, and year-on-year we are showing that we can reach the standards we are setting.”

Among the students delighted with their results was Georgie Phillips, who achieved an A* in Maths, Science and Eng literature. She said: “I am delighted that I will be going on to study A levels at Skegness Grammar School.  I actually thought I’d done really badly in English so to get an A* was mind blowing!" 

Ellie Mayall, who got the grades to stay on at Havelock for the Sixth Form, also commented: “I just can’t believe it, I feel so proud of everyone and cannot wait for next year now.”

Wendy Marshall, Chief Executive of the David Ross Education Trust, said: “This year Havelock has been praised by Ofsted, received a number of sporting medals and wowed with their cultural performances.

"I am pleased that the academy continues to shine, providing young people in the community with a fantastic education.”