Havelock Academy enjoys pleasing results

A-level students at Grimsby's Havelock Academy ended a nerve-racking wait to find out their results this morning, with many jumping for joy as they achieved the grades they worked so hard for.

Students anxiously made their way through the school gates earlier today knowing that they will soon find out the much-anticipated A-level results.

Nigel Whittle, Principal at Havelock Academy said that he's "really pleased" with the results.

He said: "Our students have achieved a really pleasing set of results for our students and the academy.

"The grades our sixth formers are achieving is strengthening each year. After some incredible progress in the GCSE results in recent times, it is pleasing to see that this momentum is starting to develop in our post-16 offering and that results are improving year-on-year."

Hannah Fowler was one of many students who were pleased with her results, having achieved an A in photography, a C in Geography and a D in ICT, meaning that she has secured her place at Huddersfield University to study photography.

She said: "I am very pleased but relieved as well, I've done better than I thought I would and I worked fairly hard to get what I have.

"I'm just so glad that it's over with, it's a massive weight lifted off my shoulders and I'm really looking forward to going to university.

"It'll be a new chapter in my life and I'm just really looking forward to the university way of living. It'll be good to meet new people and see new places."