Havelock Academy Bites the Ballot

Election fever has hit Havelock Academy, as students voted in the first round of their very own Student Presidential Election.


The vote was open to students across a number of year groups, with around 100 students putting themselves forward for the chance of Academy Presidency.


In the run up to election week, the academy was filled with bold and colourful campaign posters, badges and slogans, enticing students and staff to make their important votes.


Over the course of the week, engagement remained exceedingly high. Year 7 students were the most involved, as 99.5% of students expressed a choice across the 23 candidates from their year group.


Nine pairs of students will now go forward to the final vote, hosted in April. This election gears up for an exciting half term, with students taking part in online polling, electoral registration, newspaper and TV reporting, and campaigning.


Scott Thomas, Teacher of History said: “The high turnout during election week is a testament to the democratic spirit that we are instilling in our students across the academy.”