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"Dream, Believe Achieve"


My name is Mrs. Denholm and as well as being in charge of Jaguar House, I am also KS5 RSL, Head of Vocational Studies, BTEC Quality Nominee and assistant head of 6th form. 

Jaguar House is the blue house and our motto is dream, believe achieve. This is the second year that I have been in the enviable position of leading Jaguar house and I have always been a member of the house. We came second last year in the House shout and have been in the top three for the last three years. Our house tries really hard in all the house activities and have always been successful in the rowing competition. 

House Captain: Chloe Lewis

Vice House Captain: Paige-Leigh Siddle

Sports Captain: John Price

Vice Sports Captain: Charly Wakefield

Charity Captain: Charlotte Ashford

Vice Charity Captain: Lacie Haughey

Arts Captain Libby Snowden


  • 'Ross Jaguar', the third of an eventual fleet of twelve "Cat" class trawlers, was launched by Mrs. R. Haynes on 31st May 1957. 'Ross Jaguar' was number 1423 from the shipbuilding yard of Cochrane
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