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"The green arrows are flying to success''

I’m Mr Williams and it is now four years since I became Head of Archer House, though my main role is now the Raising Standards Leader of Year 7, with Archer House. 

My role includes leading on the house shout, two years agowe came second - our best finish for 6 years, and being the biggest cheer leader on sports day for our House! Last year we won several events at sports day and had a student competing in every event, which was lovely to see! This all helped the house finish 1st overall in the final House points award at the end of July 2017, which was our best finish ever finish and one of onlytwo or three houses to have won this! This was again another opportunity to roll the medals out for Archer House and our great achievement as a House!

Archer House students are excellent in lessons and earn lots of House points for the quality of both their work and homework. I also have the honour to give out the Principal Awards for the most progress made in a subject, and for excellence shown as well. Equally, I also have the highest honour and privilege to give out the students 'on the way to half house colours badge'then their Half House and Full House Colours.

In Archer House we have several different roles within the tutor groups which includes sports leaders, form captains, school council representatives and charity leaders representing Archer House within the Academy!  The charity team deserve a special mention as we have had donations from David Walliams, Liverpool Football Club and Coronation Street, which have auctioned off for charity during the academic year. In the past we have supported the Animal ARC at Donna Nook, the Guide Dog Charity, Monkey World, Roal Dahl's Children Charity, The homeless Charity, and St Andrew's Hospice. 

House Captain: Jess Crook

Vice House Captain: Ebony Parkin

Sports Captain: Amelia Ward

Vice Sports Captain: Chloe Hutson

Charity Captain: Chelsea Warrener

Vice Charity Captain: Jaydan Ayres

Arts Captain: Jess Crook

Vice Arts Captain: Jordanna Rose


  • Olympic swimming champion, Rebecca Adlington, delivered a masterclass to ten lucky students from across the David Ross Education Trust. Havelock Academy student Kaysee Bullivant (Year 9) was chosen
  • Archer House Charity Our local House Charity is St Andrew's Children's Hospice, who we are incredibly proud to support with their important work in providing palliative respite and social care for
  • Our House Song is an original composition, whose lyrics represent values and ideals that we hold to be important within Archer House. A competition was run amongst the students to find some extra
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