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Safety, Health and Wellbeing



The academy makes the safety, health and wellbeing of all students a priority and we have provided information below on how this is provided. For further information please contact or speak directly Mrs R Laurie or Mrs N Sullivan on 01472 602000.




Mental health and wellbeing


The Academy takes very seriously the mental health and wellbeing of all its students and staff. We have trained mental health first aiders on site and a student welfare team to support students in times of need.


Child Sexual Exploitation


CSE is a growing concern both for professionals and parents with regard to young people.  We work closely with a multi-agency team within North East Lincolnshire to protect young people and identify any concerns.  It is important that everyone is aware of what CSE is and the indicators that can show a young person is at risk.  The links below also provide further information and support around the subject.  If you have immediate concerns you should contact the police or the MASH team on 01472 325555.


Student welfare services (Havelock Academy)


This in-school service provides a wide range of services to support students within their academic life at Havelock Academy. There are a range of skills available in-house and the team are also able to access external and professional support where necessary.  Self-referrals are available for students should they prefer to use that route.




The Academy has a clear behaviour policy around bullying and has a separate bullying line if students have concerns.  We are constantly vigilant to the issue and have recently worked with Humanutopia  ( to raise students awareness and empathy around the issue of bullying.


Safer Internet


The Academy takes e-safety very seriously for both our students and our staff and has an Acceptable Use of IT, BYOD and e-safety policy in place.  We are vigilant in an increasingly technological age that communication is often via the internet.  We provide in school training for students and provide support for parents in keeping their children safe.





Additional supporting websites


NEL Safeguarding Children Board


The site has been greatly improved in making it easily accessible and to provide information on all areas of LSCB activity, including practice learning and serious case reviews. It also introduces dedicated sections for families, children, education and performance.



Radicalisation / Extremism


This website gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.



Mental health



Child Sexual Exploitation






Safer internet